Peakway Economics LLC offers a variety of economic consulting services in the areas of environmental economics and local and regional economics.  Peakway uses and applies the economic way of thinking to investigate and answer core client questions.  To achieve this goal, we specialize in creative smaller projects that face significant data limitations and deadlines.  We also support large economic consulting organizations that are looking to fill economic expertise gaps using a veteran-owned small business.

Environmental Economics

We provide economic analysis for businesses, trade organizations, and governments. Our clients want to measure and better understand the economic consequences of regulation and market-based/property rights approaches. Services include product demand analyses, market supply-demand model evaluations, and small business and regulatory flexibility analyses.  We can also assist businesses, trade organizations, and governments as they review other third-party analyses and conclusions.

Example Projects:

Evaluating the Effects of New Regulations Aimed at Improving the Environment

Economic Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Restoration and Enhancement of Shellfish Habitat and Oyster Propagation in North Carolina

Local and Regional Economics

We provide economic analysis for local businesses and trade organizations that desire to measure their contributions to local economies.   Products include appealing executive summaries designed to make claims “stick”, single-page infographics that can be distributed hard-copy or through the web, and smart dashboards accessible on PC’s, tablets, and smart phones.  We also review other third-party analyses and conclusions.

Example Projects:

Facebook’s U.S. Renewable Energy: Impact Study (2021)

The Impact of Facebook’s U.S. Data Center Fleet 2017-2019

2018 Washington Global Health Landscape Study

Economic Impact of AAMC Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals (includes smart dashboard)

Economic Impact Analysis of the University of Saskatchewan

Regional Economic Impacts of Damages from Sea Level Rise